Orchidea Group is proud to represent a variety of imported wines, spirits and beer brands on the Canadian market. With offices in 2 provinces (Ontario and Quebec), our team will work with you to get your products into the LCBO and SAQ, grow your sales and showcase your brand to potential customers in both provinces. With combined 30 years of experience with the Canadian alcoholic beverage market, we are proud to be your gateway into two of the largest alcohol retail distribution chains on earth!

Our Quebec partner Evolo Consulting (Evolo Stratégie Conseils) offers an expertise of over 20 years in the field of Wines and Spirits as well as Management, Business Development, Public Relations and Communication. Whether you are a promotional agent, producer, winemaker or simply passionate about Wines & Spirits, Evolo Consulting can provide you with the advice and support you need.

Why Make Us Your Representative?

30 Years of Combined Industry Experience (Ontario & Quebec)

Multichannel Sales with Strong Industry Partnerships

Full Transparency and Effective Bilingual Communication

Business Development, Strategic and Organizational Planning

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